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VistaCam – Camera systems for successful patient communication

High-quality patient communication, caries diagnosis and documentation

Camera systems from Dürr Dental provice valuable support for dental treatments and enhance patient understanding of necessary treatment measures.  In VistaCam, images also offer the option of showing the state before and after treatment, thus providing clear proof of success.


  • Optimum image quality, even in video mode

  • Create faster, documented understanding of the required treatment

  • Software assessment to detect caries lesions and plaque formation with the aid of the fluorescence procedure (Proof interchangeable head)

  • Help in diagnosis of approximal caries thanks to infra-red technology without exposure to radiation (Proxi interchangeable head)

  • Ergonomic operational concept and design

  • Imaging iPad App for mobile working

Systematic X-ray – the intraoral VistaIntra X-ray source assembly

Together with the unique Dürr Dental plate technology, VistaIntra DC is synonymous with precise, perfect quality intraoral images. The VistaIntra DC X-ray generator is also suitable for VistaRay X-ray sensors and images produced on film.


  • Modern, sleek design for simple precise positioning

  • Handle for easy and ergonomic positioning

  • Superior quality thanks to 0.4 mm focal spot and consistent radiation emission

  • Suitable for all image receptors thanks to adjustable mA and kV values

  • Simple handling

  • DAP (dose area product) display after exposure

  • Available in 3 lengths


VistaPano S and VistaPano S Ceph – an all round perfect picture

The new digital panoramic X-ray device with S-Pan technology

Digital X-rays save time in the practice, when compared with conventional X-rays. Thanks to modern Csl sensor technology, VistaPano offers enhanced image quality, making it significantly easier to provide a diagnosis.


  • S-Pan technology for simpler diagnosis

  • Csl sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation

  • Slim design, small footprint

  • Extremely fast: panoramic image from 7 sec. ceph images from 4.1 sec

  • 7" touch-display for intuitive operaion

  • Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning light lines

  • Available as VistaPano S and as VistaPano S Ceph

VistaScan – digital X-ray with image plates

More details. More reliable diagnosis

Compared to X-ray film and other image plate systems, our image-plate scanners make more details visible, thus providing more reliable diagnosis. The Dürr Dental imaging software optimises the images and saves them to the database. Special filters optimize imaging and provide quick, reliable diagnosis.


  • All intra and extraoral formats

  • Excellent image quality (100% active surface)

  • High greyscale range

  • Reusable

  • Flexible and thin as film

  • Use of standard image plate holder systems (we recommend the RWT set by Dürr Dental)

  • Comfortable for patients

X-ray Film.jpg

VistaRay 7 – Top 7th generation technoogy

Digital X-ray for highest efficiency

The best products should demonstrate quality without compromise.

That's why dentists around the world place their trust in Dürr Dental and our sensor technology. Manufacturing VistaRay 7 sensors in Germany enables Dürr Dental to provide consistent quality and optimum benefit for diagnosis. The equipment is highly convincing and exhibits excellent detail.


  • High level of detail, reliable diagnostics

  • Quick image availability, efficient workflow

  • Can be used at multiple stations, cost-effective and flexible

  • Ideal complement to image plates in endodontics, implantology, and conservative dentistry

  • Diagnosis support with special filters and versatile image editing (with Dürr Dental imaging software)

  • Imaging iPad App enables mobile working

X-ray film development for all formats

Perfectly harmonised for optimal results Countless X-ray images in dental practices and clinics worldwide have been processed using Dürr Dental film development equipment. The exceptional results come from the perfect match in X-ray chemicals, bath temperatures and processing times. The leading position of Dürr Dental development systems is also based on the simple, convenient operation of devices. Darkroom work can now be performed using daylight loaders. Perfect X-rays in just a few minutes thanks to the easy and automatic development, fixing and drying processes.


  • Development of all dental film and formats

  • Professional menu navigation with the press of a button

  • Simple and time-saving operation

  • Dip-tank technology secures consistent image quality

  • Floating covers increase usable life of chemicals

  • Daylight attachments make any room into a darkroom

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