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Compressed Air


Compressor Range

For any size of surgery and any requirement, Dürr Dental has just the compressor in the programme – from the compact Duo to the Quattro Tandem for up to 10 workstations.

Duo Tandem.jpg

Duo Tandem Med

The Duo Tandem Med generates compressed air in medicinal quality – for the highest demands in implant technology and surgical treatment.


Tandem Concept

Compressors in the Tandem range offer excellent reliability and compatibility for the future. These have a modular construction in case of surgery expansions.


Membrane-drying unit

The innovative membrane technology of Dürr Dental compressors provides drying at the highest level – including continuous service availability.

Inner tank.jpg

Inner tank coating

The inside of the tanks of Dürr Dental compressors are coated with a special antibacterial material, which ensures safety and fights corrosion.


Accessories and service

From the housing to the filter system, Dürr Dental offers sensible compressor accessories for all requirements.

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