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Dental Care

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Vector® Paro / Scaler

Benchmark for low pain treatment. Ultrasonic device for subgingival and supragingival cleaning.

Lunos® Powder jet handpiece MyLunos® / MyLunos® Pro

MyLunos – full automatic reprocessability handpiece with one-of-a-kind exchangeable chamber principle.

Vector Power against periodontitis.
Initial therapy

The most important aims of the initial treatment are to thoroughly remove the biofilm, the mineralised parts of the biofilm in the form of tartar, and to smooth the surface of the root right down into the fulcus.

Although the mineralized elements do not trigger a periodontal infection, they do provide the ideal breeding ground for the new growth of periodontal pathogens.

The exceptionally fine hydroxyapatite particles of the Vector Fluid polish and reduce hypersensitivity following treatment. The pocket is always rinsed out thoroughly, with no aerosol formation. Thanks to the hydro-dynamic effects, the bacterial count is reduced drastically.

The precisely tailored Paro instruments are made from high quality surgical steel and allow this type of treatment to be carried out successfully in an efficient clinical manner.

Please visit our periodontitis treatment portal:

Power for fast professional tooth cleaning

The new Vector Power and the Scaler handpiece provides top speed
The piezoceramic drive of the Vector Scaler enables the efficient removal of dental plaque whilst providing the best possible protection for sensitive tissue structures. The ergonomic handpiece has six powerful, long-life LEDs to ensure optimum illumination – even in places that are otherwise hard to see. The sterilisable light conductor is of a particularly high quality.

The Powder Jet Handpiece* MyLunos provides support with ease, power and ergonomics when discoloration, deposits and biofilm are to be eliminated. It is ready for supra- or subgingival treatment depending on the nozzle. The removable powder chamber is available in 4 different colours and can be quickly exchanged, meaning that the required powder can always be used. The system concept is pursued consistently from the application in treatment to the reprocessing. MyLunos offers high flexibility and efficiency because it was developed as a system.


  • Supragingival and subgingival treatment: A smooth treatment process is enabled by a quick exchange of the two nozzles

  • Exchangeable chamber principle: Particularly easy to change with the bayonet catch, even during treatment.

  • The safe valve closure enables the containers to be filled in advance and all variants of the Lunos® Prophy powder are represented by its own colour.

  • Handpiece and individual parts can be completely automatically reprocessed

  • Ergonomic handpiece, the tip can be rotated by 360 degrees

Powder jet handpiece MyLunos®

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