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A case made from noise-absorbing, foamed plastic and engineering aimed at quiet running make the Tyscor V and VS some of the quietest suction machines in their class without additional sound protection. At just 58 db(A), they're quieter than a turbine.


The compact, modular design weighs 11kg and has a housing unit made from noise-absorbing foamed plastic ensuring ease of use as well as quick and easy maintenance.


The eco-friendly radial technology of Tyscor V and Tyscor VS ensures premium performance, particularly with regard to energy consumption. The load-dependent automatic regulation function provides optimum suction performance at all times – whilst saving money.


Thanks to the standard network connection, as well as being installed with plug and play, the Tyscor V and Tyscor VS can be easily integrated into the digital monitoring and control functions of the surgery supply system using the Tyscor Pulse software. This means that the surgery team always has the necessary information about the status of the surgery's appliances.

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