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Dürr has a comprehensive range of hygiene products.  All are conveniently colour coded to identify each product's application – blue for instruments, green for surfaces, pink for skin and hands, and yellow for special areas such as suction systems and amalgam separators.

It is best to rely on a single system

Dürr Dental, together with Orotol, developed the first disinfectant for suction units back in 1965. This initiated our continuous development and expertise in the area of hygiene. Nowadays dentists around the world trust in Dürr System Hygiene for comprehensive protection of their surgeries.

Advisory service

  • Training courses, staff training sessions and on-site consulting

  • Expert knowledge from qualified trainers

  • Goal-oriented advice tailored to individual surgeries

  • Support for developing a quality management system


  • Professional and goal-oriented product advice

  • Up-to-date information provided on-line 

  • E-learning portal


  • High production standards – Made in Germany

  • Safety ensured with defined and controlled work processes

  • Decades of experience in the manufacture of disinfectants and cleaning materials


  • Modern product design

  • Up-to-date when it comes to legal regulations and amendments

  • Only biologically degradable products

User orientation

  • Application hints from Dürr System Hygiene colour system

  • Typical and easily stored 2.5 l bottle from Dürr System Hygiene

  • Ease of handling through ergonomic bottle shape

  • Application help for optimal dosage

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